Probate Court 2 Procedures

Uncontested Probate Docket

This docket allows the attorney and the client to appear in court with least time expended at the courthouse. If your case requires testimony or a lengthy explanation, it would be better served if it were specially set on the appointment calendar of the Court. The uncontested docket begins each Monday at 2:00 p.m. with the exception that when a holiday falls on a Monday, the uncontested dockets will be held at the same time on Tuesday of that week. A sign in sheet will be set out at 1:00 p.m. Please sign in, since the sheet determines the order in which the cases will be called. Prior to signing up, check out the file from the clerks and have your proofs taken. Have testimony reduced to an affidavit.

Uncontested Administrations, Heirships and/or Guardianships

These proceedings are held during the uncontested docket but they are scheduled at 3:00 p.m. Please review the assets of the decedent’s or ward’s estate before the date of the hearing, in order to provide testimony to the court for purposes of setting an appropriate bond.

Contested Matters

Call Samantha G. Guerra, the Administrative Assistant, to obtain a setting and prepare a fiat to serve on opposing counsel. Estimate the time needed and whether or not a jury trial will be requested. Arrange in advance if you need a qualified interpreter. Notify the court before the date of the hearing if the case settles.

Special Settings

Samantha G. Guerra, the Administrative Assistant, can provide special settings as to a specific date and time. Please provide an estimate of the amount of time that the hearing will take.

Signed Orders

If you would like a copy of an order signed by the judge, provide a copy with the original to the clerk. Once the order has been signed, the copy will be conformed and filed under the attorney's last name and placed in the file box in the Court’s reception area for pick up.