Probate Court 1 Staff

Position Name Phone Number
Judge Kelly M. Cross (210) 335-2670
Staff Attorney Jamie Mathis (210) 335-2647
Administrative Assistant Velda Tijerina (210) 335-2670
Auditor Elaine Damian (210) 335-2766
Auditor Connie Perez (210) 335-2638
Court Clerk Genevieve Alvarez (210) 335-2678
Court Investigator Christine Chemell (210) 335-2583
Court Reporter Cheryl Hester (210) 335-2359

Court Staff Bios

Please note that the Court staff can tell you about the services of the Court and can answer questions about how the Court works, but they cannot give legal advice or answer legal questions. If you need someone to research the law and give you legal advice, you should hire an attorney.

Velda Tijerina, Probate Court No. 1, Administrative Assistant

Call the Administrative Assistant with questions regarding:

Elaine Damian, Probate Court No. 1, Auditor

Attorneys (and their staff) may call the Court Auditors with questions about:

Connie Perez, Probate Court No. 1, Auditor

Genevieve Alvarez, Probate Court No. 1, Court Clerk

Call the Court Clerk with questions regarding:

For questions regarding probating wills, small estates, copies of a file and orders please call the Probate Clerks Department at (210) 335-2241

Christine Chemell, Probate Court No. 1, Court Investigator

Christine Chemell graduated from The University of Texas with a B.A. in Psychology, which she followed with a Master’s in Education from the university’s graduate program and an additional Master’s in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University. In 1982, she graduated from St. Mary’s University Law School with her Juris Doctorate. From there, Ms. Chemell has worked as an attorney in civil litigation for more than thirty years – as a civil service staff attorney, in private practice, and as a corporate attorney.

Call the Court Investigator with questions about:

Cheryl Hester, Probate Court No. 1, Court Reporter

Call the Court Reporter when you need a transcript from a hearing.