About the Hidalgo Foundation

Bexar County Courthouse
Bexar County Courthouse

Mission Statement

"The Hidalgo Foundation of Bexar County operates exclusively for the charitable, literary, historical, and educational purpose for the sole benefit of Bexar County, Texas."


The Hidalgo Foundation of Bexar County, a non-profit organization, was formed in the summer of 2001 by Founder and President Tracy Ann Wolff. The Foundation operates exclusively for the charitable, literary, historical, and educational purpose for the sole benefit of Bexar County, Texas. Within this mission, the Hidalgo Foundation has three major goals:

  1. Preservation and restoration of the century-old historic Bexar County Courthouse;
  2. The development and implementation of the Children's Courts; and,
  3. The development and implementation of BiblioTech.

With regard to the first goal, the Bexar County Courthouse is the oldest and largest continuously used courthouse in the state of Texas. Because of the Hidalgo Foundation, the Double-Height Courtroom was restored to its original grandeur. Moreover, eleven historic courtrooms; more than two thousand pieces of historic furniture, several public corridors, and the Lady Justice Fountain have been reconstructed and restored.

In addition to courthouse restoration, the Hidalgo Foundation spearheaded the development and implementation of the Bexar County child abuse and neglect courts. These courts were constructed “through the eyes of a child” and contain the most modern technological advances available within the context of a historic public building. These courts are also home to numerous evidence-based child welfare courts, dockets, and programs such as the Family Drug Treatment Court, the Early Intervention Program, and the College-Bound Docket.

Since 2013, the Hidalgo Foundation has chosen to focus its efforts on Bexar County BiblioTech, the first all-digital public library in the nation. BiblioTech currently has an extensive footprint in the community with three full-service library branches as well as portals and kiosks at Joint Base San Antonio, University Health System, the Courthouse and other locations around the community.

Based on the success of BiblioTech, the Hidalgo Foundation is now spearheading the creation of BiblioTech EDU, the first all-digital public high school library. Scheduled to open in 2021, BiblioTech EDU promises to become the prototype for future public school libraries. The first BiblioTech EDU will be located at CAST High School, a charter school of the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Since the creation of the Hidalgo Foundation, more than $15 million has been raised for its three major purpose areas. Due to its unique relationship to Bexar County Commissioners Court and the private/public partnership that the Hidalgo Foundation represents, these funds have resulted in an additional $15 million being raised through competitive government grant awards made directly to the County but initiated by the Foundation.

Advisory Board

The five-member volunteer Hidalgo Advisory Board provides independent governance and leadership to the Hidalgo Foundation.

  • Mrs. Tracy Ann Wolff, President and Founding Board Member
  • Ms. Erin Barry, Vice President
  • Dr. Margaret Kelley MD, Secretary
  • Mr. Hunter Woolfolk, Treasurer
  • Ms. Deborah Carter, Ex-Officio


Dr. Allen Castro, Ph. D, is the Grants Manager for the Hidalgo Foundation.